Stem Cell Injections

After many years, medical professionals are now starting to use stem cell treatments for orthopedic, joint tendon and ligament problems. After conducting intensive studies, physicians have learned how to administer stem cells in the body. We use stem cell treatments that uses your own injected stem cells for treatment.

Today, doctors are now able to provide cutting edge treatment options that may be effective — the stem cell treatment. At The Boston Stem Cell Center, we use stem cell treatments to help patients through stem cell injections.  Injections are effectively utilized in a process called stem cell injection.

Injuries and Degenerative Conditions

An injury can result from a terrible accident or hazardous environments, including unavoidable circumstances. Your head, shoulderarms, legs, knees, and back are prone to injuries. Open fractures with skin lesions can occur. If left untreated, an injured body part can be impaired or its function diminished.

Degenerative conditions occur whenever cells in your body weakens in areas where there is a poor blood supply. These areas of low blood supply can affect tissues, making that tissue or area susceptible to inflammation and deterioration. Medical attention is needed for degenerative conditions because they might lead to complications if untreated. Arthritis and osteoporosis are some examples of these degenerative conditions that worsen over time.

Stem Cell Treatment As A Cure

Elbow Pain Stem Cell treatment

Stem cell treatment or therapy is a regenerative medicine procedure where your body’s own stem cells are used for healing your injuries and degenerative conditions. Stem cell treatment is a part of a field of medicine called regenerative medicine because it promotes recovery in a natural way—using attributes of the human body for repair and recovery.

Identifying the Procedure of Stem Cell Treatment

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The procedure frequently used in stem cell treatment is injection treatment. Today, we use injections for stem cell treatments as an alternative to treat joint pain and degenerative conditions. Compared to other forms of therapies that use drugs to heal common ailments, these injection treatments are very holistic and can be very effective.

Stem cell infections can involve aspirating the bone marrow from the pelvic bone and centrifuging the aspirate down to concentrate the stem cells. 

Kinds of Stem Cell Treatments

  • Bone Marrow Aspirate Injection Treatment

Bone marrow aspirate injection treatment is a kind of stem cell treatment that uses your own cells to repair your injury. Our medical director  will extract bone marrow cells from your bone marrow using injections. Usually after extraction, they transfer these marrow cells to a centrifuge. This is done to separate  cells that have regenerative properties from other materials and cells in the bone marrow. 

  • Fat Aspirate Injection Treatment 

Fat cells underneath your skin are used in this kind of regenerative medicine treatment. Doctors will administer a mini liposuction injection treatment to your buttocks or abdomen where these cells are located. Fat cells that are taken during the process and are used as scaffolding as part of the regenerative medicine procedure. 

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Treatment 

For platelet-rich plasma injection treatment, we will get blood from your veins via a simple blood draw. Doctors will centrifuge and separate blood cells with a regenerative property  (the platelets) from non-regenerative cells. These regenerative platelets will be used as part of your ailment.

Regenerative Cells That Are Used as a Cure in Stem Cell Treatments

Stem Cells and Injection Treatment

Stem cells are master cells that can reproduce and differentiate into other cells.  These cells are “unspecialized” cells that can develop into another type of cell that is required to repair or replace damaged tissue. They are the body’s “repairmen.” These master cells are classified into three types:

  • Autologous – these are your own stem cells: “from you to you.” These are the safest.
  • Allogenic – these are cels from another human like umbilical cord stem cells, “from another person to you.”
  • Embryonic – from a human embryo – We don’t use these. 

Fat Cells for Injection Treatment 

Also called adipocytes, fat cells store energy that can be used by other cells when needed. Their main function in regenerative medicine is to scaffold and support other cells in the body to perform their functions. Fat cells are mostly found underneath the skin and are usually taken from the buttocks using a mini liposuction procedure.

Blood Cells for Injection Treatment 

Cells in the blood are classified into three different types. They are:

  • Red Blood Cells
  • White Blood Cells
  • Platelets

Red blood cells are responsible for transferring oxygen to different parts of the body. White blood cells eliminate pathogens that invade the body. Platelets work by clotting to prevent excess blood to flow outside of the body. To use these as a part of regenerative medicine and stem cell treatments, medical doctors extract the platelets produced in the bloodstream via centrifuging the blood.

Other Kinds of Injection Treatment

Injections are the only way of administering stem cells to heal your injuries. Injection treatment for chronic pain or rehabilitation can apply different drugs to cure injuries. Examples of injection treatments are the following:

Trigger Point Injection Treatment

This injection treatment is applicable if you are suffering from muscle pain or “trigger points.” These trigger points are tight muscle fibers. Injections of lidocaine, an anesthetic, by your medical specialist can cure your muscle pain within hours.

Hyaluronan Injection Treatment 

If you have osteoarthritis, this may be a short term suitable injection treatment. The prescribed drug used by doctors for this injection treatment is called hyaluronan. Physicians will do injections in the knees and observe your recovery over a particular period of time.  

Cortisone Injection Treatment

This injection treatment can be applied to provide temporary relief of swollen knees and elbows caused by arthritis. For this, doctors administer an anti-inflammatory drug called corticosteroids. It gradually reduces inflammation in the affected areas but only temporarily. You can request these injections from your local physician.

Duration of the Stem Cell Treatment

 Doctors will need an hour in extracting the needed cell samples that will be used.

After extraction, they will centrifuge the cells in a laboratory for a relatively short period before they use them. Then, your doctor will proceed with the injection treatment. The time it takes for medical professionals to administer to you this injection treatment is about an hour or so when He or she will administer the injections of concentrated cells to the injured area.

 The whole procedure can take 2-3 hours.

Things to Avoid Before Undergoing a Stem Cell Treatment

It’s recommended by medical professionals that you should avoid taking certain medications prior to your scheduled injection treatment. Examples of these medications are NSAID’s that might affect your recovery process. 

After Stem Cell Treatment

After your doctor injected the stem cells where stem cell treatment is needed to heal your injury, he will ask you to do a few things to make the stem cell treatment as effective as possible.  

You should avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs. If inflammation happens after the injection treatment, using a cold compress for a few minutes every day may be an alternative cure for the soreness or your doctor can prescribe another type of pain medication.

Also, you should avoid engaging in exhausting activities for a given period after your injection treatment. You should only engage in limited physical activities for a week after your stem cell treatment. You should also consult a physical therapist after treatment to start rehabilitation exercises.

The Leading Institution in Injection Treatment

The Boston Stem Cell Center is a leading center that uses different stem cell treatments to treat degenerative conditions. Our stem cell treatments promote a natural way to cure physical injuries.

To learn more about the benefits of stem cell treatments and how injection treatment is administered, you can contact us to set up an appointment. We are here to assist you in the most professional way. Our regenerative approach to healing can help you restore your physical being. With our stem cell treatment, your injuries may be healed and your body repaired. Find out more.

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