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Constant aches and pains aren’t just an inconvenience. Chronic pain can greatly affect an individual’s quality of life.  The physical effects of chronic pain can  include limited mobility, poor appetite, and lack of energy. Because of these symptoms, those suffering from chronic pain may find it difficult to perform daily tasks or take part in activities they enjoy. This could lead to depression and anxiety.

To find lasting relief, many resort to surgery. However, thanks to advancements in regenerative medicine, chronic pain patients now have a noninvasive alternative— stem cell treatments.

Stem Cell Treatment For Chronic Pain

Regenerative medicine is a field that aims to develop ways to replace, regenerate, or replace human cells. A relatively new treatment under the umbrella of regenerative medicine involves stem cells.

Stem cells have the potential to become any type of cell. In a laboratory, they can be guided into turning into the kind of cells that can be used to repair damaged tissues. In stem cell therapy treatment, a stem cell-rich matrix is injected into the affected area.

A significant body of research suggests that therapies based on stem cells can treat conditions such as chronic pain. Stem cell therapy treatment can repair injuries and address musculoskeletal conditions.

The Boston Stem Cell Center: A Center of Excellence in Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy

New Hampshire residents looking for long-term relief from chronic pain can turn to The Boston Stem Cell Center. We are a regenerative medicine center located in Framingham, MA—just a two-hour drive away from New Hampshire.

At Boston Stem Cell, our goal is to provide chronic pain patients with outpatient, cell-based, and minimally invasive treatments. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in treating chronic pain.

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Potential Benefits Of Our Stem Cell Treatments

With the help of our stem cell therapy treatments, people living with chronic pain can greatly improve their quality of life. Apart from reducing physical discomfort, our stem cell treatments can increase your body’s range of motion and flexibility. You may be able to perform your daily tasks and take part in physical activities once again.

In addition, our stem cell therapy treatment delays or even eliminates the need for prescription medication, surgery, or long-term physical therapy. You could be pain-free using nothing but your body’s own natural healing ability.

Our stem cell treatments are highly versatile. They can be used for:

  • Knee Pain
  • Hip and Thigh Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Ankle and Foot Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Spine and Back Pain
  • Tendon and Muscle Pain
  • Wrist and Hand Pain

Compared to surgery, recovery time after a stem cell therapy treatment is minimal. Also, because your own cells are used, you can be confident that our stem cell treatments are safe and the injected stem cells will not be rejected by your body.

What To Expect After A Stem Cell Treatment?

After a stem cell therapy treatment, you may feel a little sore at the injection site at first. Over time, cells at the treated site will regenerate. You should notice a gradual yet significant improvement in your symptoms.

Our Unique Approach To Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

At The Boston Stem Cell Center, we utilize a three-pronged approach to stem cell treatment. Our “healing trinity” consists of:

  • Bone Marrow Aspirate

The highest concentration of stem cells occurs in the bone marrow. To harvest stem cells, we collect bone marrow from your hip using a tiny needle. The procedure is performed with a local anesthetic to minimize your discomfort. To ensure accuracy, we use ultrasound or X-ray fluoroscopy technology.

We take the bone marrow and separate the stem cells from non-useful substances. Afterward, we inject it into the site of pain or tissue damage.

  • Fat Aspirate

We use fat for the scaffolding in our procedures. In addition, fat contains some mesenchymal stem cells, while bone marrow contains a high concentration of hematopoietic stem cells. To achieve the best possible results, we utilize both.

We remove a small amount of fat tissue from the hip, buttock, or abdominal area using a tiny needle. Then, we inject the cells at the site where they are needed.

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

We will centrifuge a small amount of your blood to obtain platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The platelets contain proteins that support cell growth and signal factors that activate stem cells. We inject the PRP into damaged tissue, stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells.

Depending on your needs and wellness goals, we may recommend all three treatments. We may also combine stem cell treatment therapy with shock wave therapy, oral cytokines, or supplements.

Enjoy Life Again With Help From Our Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

Don’t let chronic pain stop you from living your best life. Our stem cell treatment harnesses the body’s innate healing ability to repair damaged tissue. It addresses the root cause of chronic pain without the need for prescription medication, surgery, or implants.

Reach out to us at The Boston Stem Cell Center to schedule a consultation. We will determine whether you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy treatments. You may also complete a quick online form, and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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