Stem Cell Knee Injections

One of the largest and the most complex joints in your body are your knees. When you walk, your knees carry most of the weight of your body. Their joints may start to wear out over time and cause knee problems. Fortunately, Americans can treat chronic knee pain with the help of a stem cell injection.

News about the stem cells have spread throughout the world. Stem cell treatments were originally used for bone marrow transplants to treat blood-related conditions, mainly blood cancers. Now, stem cell injections for chronic pain associated with knee diseases are being offered by a few physicians. Yet there is a lot of ongoing research about stem cell injections.

What Is Chronic Knee Pain?

Chronic knee pain is a condition where the patient’s knees experience swelling, pain, and sensitivity along usually resulting in decreased mobility and function. Each person’s pain and their condition may be different. This type of chronic pain is recurring and is usually  not similar to the pain associated with  an injury or accident. People who have bone and joint diseases experience this chronic knee pain problem.

A common joint cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative condition that often causes chronic pain. Because of this musculoskeletal condition, patients experience inflammation and pain caused by the deterioration of their joints. The decay of cartilage can result in knee bones rubbing against each other, which in tern makes it painful for patients to move about.

Stem Cell Treatment For Knees

Without needing surgery, stem cell injections have the potential to treat your chronic knee pain. Bone marrow is extracted from the patient and spun in a centrifuge machine separating stem cells from other blood products. Then, it is injected into your knees under ultrasound or x-ray guidance to reduce chronic pain and help heal your joints.

Stem cell injections can be considered faster and easier than other treatments for chronic pain. Injected stem cells act as healers, repairing and regenerating your damaged tissues.

After undergoing stem cell therapy, you may be able to climb stairs and go back to doing your outdoor activities. Your knees may no longer feel as painful, and you can walk and go to places you may not have been able to before.

What Are the Benefits of Stem Cell Injections For Knees?

Stem cells have the ability to change into different kinds of cells that help the cartilage heal and regenerate. Stem cell injections change the environment in the joint from inflammation to repair in order to  promote self-healing in the body.

  • Faster Treatment and Recovery Time

Bone marrow extraction only takes a few minutes, and stem cell injection only takes a few hours, unlike knee surgeries and therapies. Stem cell treatments are done under  X-ray or ultrasound guidance to increase the accuracy and decrease the likelihood of complications for the  stem cell injection.

Stem cells are healers, which help repair the joint. Usually you can see a difference within a few weeks. On the other hand, knee replacements usually  need 6 to 12 months to fully heal. This means that stem cells have the potential to help restore body faster, and you will likely be in good shape in no time.

  • Prevents Further Deterioration of the Knees

The injected stem cells can slow down or  stop the joint damage in knees through cell regeneration. Stem cells release proteins called cytokines that reduce pain and slow the degeneration of cartilage and help repair the joint. Knee replacements often lasts only ten to fifteen years and redo surgery after a knee replacement surgery is a greater and more complex and more painful than the original joint replacement.

  • Decrease Inflammation and Better Mobility

Stem cell treatments can stimulate  increased new blood flow to the joint, which helps decrease the swelling of the joints. Stem cell therapy can also reduce pain and inflammation. The aim is for you to do your daily routine again and go about your life without worrying about your knees.

  • Stimulate Tissue Regeneration

Adult stem cells can repair tendons, ligament and cartilage.  The damaged tissues can be repaired or replaced by new ones through stem cell injection. Your condition should no longer worsen, which will offer you better days ahead.

  • Complication Rates are Lower

Stem cell therapy is done through injection so surgeries are not needed. Stem cell therapy presents only a small likelihood of complications such as blood clots. Stem cells are from your bone marrow so immune rejection is not a problem. Anesthesia is not required in stem cell therapy so there are no side effects from strong anesthesia.

What are The Knee Problems That Stem Cell Therapy Can Treat?

Stem cell therapy can treat a lot of knee conditions. Aside from osteoarthritis, there are other knee conditions stem cell therapy can treat.

  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Tear

Accidentally hitting your knees on the dashboard or through an car accident can cause tear in the posterior cruciate ligament. This condition can also be a result of a sport injury. Symptoms of this condition are mild to moderate pain in the knees, swelling, and instability.

  • Fibular Collateral Ligament Tear

This condition can also be caused by heavy blows in the knees. Swelling, pain and bruising are some symptoms of the fibular collateral tear.

  • Medial Knee Injuries

The cause of the injury is too much force on the knee while bending or rotating. Aside from pain and swelling, instability of side-to-side movements is also a symptom of this condition.

  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease

A condition where a painful bump is located below which makes movement difficult, knee pain is felt with activity so rest is recommended. Over use of physical activity like jumping can lead to Osgood-Schlatter disease.

Other Benefits Stem Cell Therapy Offers

Aside from reducing pain and preventing inflammation, stem cell therapy can theoretically offer more benefits to the body. However, please note that we only treat orthopedic, joint, muscular, soft tissue, ligament and tendon disorders at The Boston Stem Cell Center.


The Future Of Medicine

Stem cell treatment research shows promising results. Studies about stem cell injections for knees are encouraging.  Scientists are hopeful of the possibility of the stem cell therapy can further treat and possibly even  cure knee joint issues.  With stem cell therapy, our knees can possibly heal without surgery.

Safe And Accurate Stem Cell Injections

Not all conditions are alike, so it is important to find a clinic that can personalize a treatment program for you. The Boston Stem Cell Center provides FDA allowed treatments and carry out these stem cell procedures safely and efficiently. Our stem cell injections do not use harmful chemicals.

The Boston Stem Cell Center provides secure and safe stem cell injections for their patients. We use safe knee treatments for all our patients including professional athletes. With over 20 years of experience in similar procedures, we can treat your knee problems to improve your quality of life.

The Latest Technology in Stem Cell Treatments

We constantly aim for excellence so you can expect good results. To have precise knee stem cell treatments, we use an ultrasound or Fluoroscopic X-ray guide. This allows us to give accurate injections and lessens the possibility of any side effects or complications. We are continually studying new solutions and techniques to bring better treatments for our patients.

Get In Touch

At our medical practice, we have many positive reviews from our patients who have  had stem cell joint treatments. Additionally, many patients who have undergone our stem cell injections report reduced pain and increased mobility. Through our techniques and state of the art treatments, we aim to have produce the best possible outcome from our regenerative stem cell treatments.

Our board certified regenerative medicine medical director, Dr Pearl will help get you back shape. Free yourself from pain and return to your daily activities. Contact us for more information, including stem cell injection cost, or book an appointment now.

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