Christina had ankle trauma over 25 years ago and travelled to us from Florida after investigating several other Stem Cell Clinics. Read her testimonial.

Jacques shoulder stem cell treatment
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Jacques played hockey for 60 year and his shoulder pain was so bad that he couldn’t sleep on it. He was considering shoulder joint replacement. Now 4 months later, his shoulder pain is so much better that he can sleep on it and is very happy.

Elyse bone on bone knee stem cell
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Elyse had a right knee injury 8 or 9 years ago and now had “bone on bone”. She couldn’t walk normally and couldn’t even walk upstairs properly. Now two months later, she has dramatically less pain and her walking has improved significantly. She is dreaming about running.

steve after shoulder stem cell treatment
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Steve is an elevator mechanic who had a labrum injury of his shoulder. He is now 3 months after a ministem of his shoulder and had full range of motion back and his pain is right down. As he says, “It’s better to be a two arm elevator mechanic than a one armed one.”  

mike after knee stem cell treatment
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Mike had a torn meniscus and cartilage. He had significant knee pain. Now, 5 months after stem cell treatment for his knee, he is back working out and jogging 

Ben after knee stem cell treatment
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Ben was in terrible pain and couldn’t walk due to extreme knee pain. Ben had a max stem procedure on his knee. Now he can walk his dog and dance and play with his kids. (This is his first testimonial.)

Bens testimonial after his knee stem cell treatment
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This is Bens second testimonial. He is now 3 months out and is 99% better. Stem cell treatment has been life changing for him.

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Matte had a max stem on his hip two months ago. He has already met his goal of walking 2 miles and now has hardly any pain at all. 

Kevin hip stem cell treatment
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Kevin suffered with hip pain due to arthritis which limited his activities and couldn’t even walk normally. Now after a max stem, he is pain free, back to playing softball, doing regular work outs and golfing.

shoulder stem cell treatment
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Bill had severe pain in both shoulders and was considering bilateral shoulder replacement. Instead, he had our max stem procedures in both shoulders and now is virtually pain free. 

Tim after stem cell treatment for failed ACL surgery
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Tim had a torn ACL and meniscus and had them surgically repaired. After surgery, he had continuing pain and came to us. We did a bone marrow stem cell treatment and now he is pain free and very active.

marva stem cell knee treatment
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Marva is 52 years old and previously had a total knee replacement. She now had stem cell treatment for her other knee. Listen to her story about how she feels about her total knee replacement versus her stem cell procedure.
Adi bilateral stem cell procedures
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Adi is an 83-year-old retired MIT professor. He was scheduled for bilateral knee replacements and instead had stem cell procedures done on both knees. Watch his testimonial.

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Dale M. is 73 years old and had hip stem cell treatment in Nov 2018. Her goal was to ski this season. Now in April 2019, she has skied over 20 times this winter. She wants her skiing video to be her testimonial. 

Ski Dale Ski!

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Chris came to see us from Florida. She had a bad accident and suffered a broken ankle which healed poorly creating ongoing problems with severe arthritis and significant pain. At the Boston Stem Cell Center she had a stem cell procedure and now her pain has significantly decreased.

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Terry had severe arthritis in one knee and was scheduled to have a total knee replacement. She visited a few stem cell centers before coming to us. Here at the Boston Stem Cell Center, she had a stem cell procedure with A2M. Now her pain has gone away and her mobility has significantly increased.

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Mike had a torn meniscus in his knee which was giving him constant pain and discomfort. He had a stem cell procedure to his knee. Now he only has very occasional pain. 

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Roberta’s 1st testimonial 4 weeks after stem cell treatment:
Roberta had bilateral knee regenerative medicine procedures.
She was about to have total knee replacement surgery on both knees and then came to see us and had stem cell procedures done on both knees. Her knees now feel about “85% better.”

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Roberta’s 2nd testimonial 8 weeks after stem cell treatment:
Now at 2 months, Roberta’s activity level is better than it has been for many years. She is able to ski without taking any painkillers.

Boston Stem Cell Center Patient's Testimonial
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Bill suffered from a meniscus tear and came to us after getting opinions at Mass General and other places. We did a Regenerative Medicine stem cell procedure on knee and now after 3 months he is 90% better.

Boston Stem Cell Center Patient's Testimonial
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Judith had a shoulder regenerative medicine procedure for “bone on bone” arthritis of her shoulder. Watch her testimonial.

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