Is your back pain coming from your hip? Robert had hip and back pain which was all due to his hip.

Robert had hip and lower back pain and wasn’t sure where the pain came from. He went to an orthopedic surgeon who took X-rays which showed shrinking intervertebral discs and hip osteoarthritis. He came to see us, and we did a diagnostic local anesthetic injection which showed that his pain was actually from his hip. He had a stem cell treatment on his hip. Now two months later his pain has decreased so much that he has increased his walks from 1½ miles to 7½ miles. He can feel his leg muscles are starting to come back and his hip pain is decreased by 60-70%.

Robert hip stem cell treatment
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Is Stem Cell Therapy
Right For You?

Although Orthobiologic Cell Therapy is considered by some people to be experimental, various research studies show that cell therapy may provide excellent relief from joint and musculoskeletal pain and ongoing inflammation.

Stem Cell Treatment
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