Chinese MD: Jian is a Cardiologist from China who had Knee Bilateral Stem Cell Treatment

I’m a doctor. I’m 67 years old and have had degenerative joint disease for 17 years. 17 years ago I was treated with radioisotope therapy. In the beginning of my treatment, the pain level was 6. Mostly, the pain started when I tried to squat. After receiving radioisotope therapy, I was better for a 6-year period. Then, the pain came back and I was treated with sodium hyaluronate twice.

Last year my pain level jumped to 8. Due to the pain, I became sleepless some of the nights. The sodium hyaluronate didn’t work either.
I arrived in Boston in the beginning of November and went to the Boston Stem Cell Center for a thorough examination. I prepared 11 questions for the doctor prior to my visit. The questions included how many years of experience do they have in practicing stem cell therapy? How many cases have been completed? How about the prognosis in those cases? They have answered all these questions and provided me some educational materials as well. I felt confident so I decided to have the procedure on both of my knees.
My procedure was relatively easy and problem-free. Since I enquired about the complete procedure beforehand, I was mentally prepared for it. During the surgery, I didn’t have any discomfort.
Since the stem cell therapy, my pain has disappeared. Now I am able to squat and stand up again. After the surgery, the score for my pain is 0.
Now, if I carry something heavy or I walk in fast pace, I feel a bit of discomfort in my knees. I think I have achieved remarkable results from this surgery.

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